omnia sunt communia

#route. A way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination. The line of a road, path, railway, etc.. A round travelled collecting goods. A method or process leading to a specified result

Multimedia research and creation laboratory focused on training with digital media, audiovisual production and online content. Our interests revolve around horizontal models of social organization, independent cultural expression and critical thinking. Our route goes through the processes of learning, applied creativity, research, and audiovisual production as communication tools for social movements.

We are engaged in initiatives that strengthen associations and networking, stimulating a critical and participatory citizenry. We travel from the southern border of Europe, creating transnational networks, accompanying and supporting collectives in motion. What drives us is the free movement of people and knowledge, the use of imagination as a tool for social transformation.

Creativity is our vehicle, voyaging paths that lead us from feminism to cyberculture, from collective processes to free software, and from body to technology. We are inspired by learning and collective production environments, hacklabs and hacker culture, encouraging the use of free software and technologies.

We walk through the fields of free culture, spearing open licensed content guided by a criticism of intellectual property. Down this path we blur the lines separating the observation of involvement/participation. Our activity questions the dichotomy of object ~ subject and issuer ~ receiver. We understand that digital media are engines for communication, analysis and action.